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We are professional copywriters, media designers, and software developers. We unite strategic thinking and well-honed craftsmanship to deliver effective results. We transcend traditional departmental boundaries with our integrated mindset and approach. We set our sights firmly on integrated communications. We identify topics, do the research, and develop relevant content. We flow that content into the appropriate format, creating classic print and/or interactive online versions of employee magazines. We produce brochures, flyers, annual reports, and newsletters for companies and organizations – in every conceivable format. We specialize in print and web design. We develop customized web and workflow solutions for cutting-edge newsrooms or traditional setups. We share our knowledge with our customers; we learn from and together with our customers; we provide consulting and moderation services for our customers.


Print & digital


app.work enterprise becomes “newsroom”. (Read more)

E² – reaching the highest possible level of efficiency and effectiveness within what are often complex organizations – is the holy grail of communications professionals in companies, administrative bodies, associations, and government offices alike. But how do you implement effective and efficient modern integrated communications in a newsroom or a traditionally structured organization? And how do you keep costs down? With newsroom! Developed by professionals for professionals, our systems seamlessly unite topic planning and editorial rollout. We adapt our systems to our customer’s world – not the other way around.


Communications Planning 4.0





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Guide & fuel

Are you embarking on an epic journey or working towards a milestone? Acting on orders from above or following an urge to explore new paths? Are you looking for mch: to act as your tour guide, travel companion, or driver? And would you like us to provide the fuel as well? Are we talking about overarching communications planning concepts, or specific aspects such as optimized workflows? We listen carefully to your requirements.
We think outside all boxes.


Architecture & craftsmanship

Are you aiming to make the most of software-based integrated communication planning? Develop tailored content based on journalistic research? Create text modules and all kinds of illustrations? Design innovative print and internet presences? Define workflows? We deliver both the architecture and the craftsmanship.
We are all about efficiency.



Content & design

Are you out to produce print products with the innovative power of excellent content and outstanding design? Do you want to leverage networked web content and carefully orchestrated and targeted dialog as strategic success factors? We create content and design that reflect your message – online and offline.
We make you look good.


Command & control

Are you looking to organize topic, planning, or editorial meetings? Use an app to document the results? Coordinate production of the defined content within a system? Update and upgrade your newsroom application? We’re right by your side, ready to help.
We get straight to the point.


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