YOUR AGENCY FOR PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION is your partner for professional communication:

We advise you on topic and communication planning.

We optimize structures and processes with you.

We orchestrate your operational communications work for you.

We realize the customized newsroom with you.

We are specialists in communication work for works councils.


We are specialists for the communication of works councils

At, we are convinced that effective communication is the key to success for any company, any organization. That’s why, for 25 years, we have been offering comprehensive communication solutions tailored to your individual needs and helping you achieve your goals.

In recent years, we have specialized in strategic consulting and operational support for works councils in their communications work. is owner-managed and independent. We rely on a network of partner companies and project work with freelance specialists.

Our services


With each other. For each other. In recent years, we have specialized in communications for works councils, central works councils and group works councils. Together, we set a communication anchor for employees.


We know from our own many years of experience: Professional communication is hard work. Day-to-day operations leave little time for looking ahead. Topics have to be set and content developed. Whether the most diverse target groups are to be inspired by large visions, new products, or rather small projects: We rely on the impact of integrated communication and the power that people and their stories can unleash. That’s why we listen carefully to you and your colleagues so that we can tell your stories. We advise and accompany you.


We find topics, research and create relevant content. We put content into the right form: Magazines classically in print and/or dialog-capable in an online outfit. In addition to magazines, we also produce brochures, flyers, annual reports, and newsletters in every format for companies and organizations.

newsroom Software

Professional communication requires really good tools in a well-equipped workshop. Because we no longer wanted to laboriously knit together topic and schedule planning with Excel & Co., we developed “newsroom” as practitioners for practitioners. newsroom is our software solution for communication teams to easily and clearly plan, develop and publish activities and content from creative ideas. And with the web-based editorial module “creator4newsroom” any kind of content can be produced, translated, approved, and published.


Integrated communication for your company with and without newsroom: Achieve maximum effectiveness of your communication activities with efficient and effective use of your resources! (German only)


Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and find out how can help you. Whether it’s for a works council, small business, non-profit organization or corporation, we have the expertise and passion to work with you to communicate effectively and achieve lasting success.